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Osteopathic physicians have the option to specialize in any area of medicine, from pediatrics
to neurosurgery. Dr. Howard is board certified in Osteopathic Family Practice and board
certified as a specialist in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine.  OMM is a highly successful,
hands-on, non- invasive diagnostic tool and treatment procedure.

As a primary care physician, Dr. Howard treats patients during all stages of life, from newborn
to midlife and the senior years - by employing Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. The goal is
to help heal and integrate your mind, body, and spirit so you can regain your sense of health
and well-being. OMM has been known to encourage a sense of deep relaxation and
well-being in healthy people. In conjunction with health maintenance and illness prevention,
patients have sought treatment with Dr. Howard for a vast array of health related problems.

Common illnesses Dr. Howard treats in her practice:
Pediatric Problems
- Colic
- ADD and ADHD
- Plagiocephaly
- Down Syndrome
- Spitting Up
- Sucking Difficulty
- Delayed Development
- Birth Trauma
- Cerebral Palsy
- Learning Disorders

- Back Pain
- Groin Pain
- Digestive Upset
- Edema
- Fatigue
Somatic Pain
- Neck Problems
- Back Problems
- Sciatica
- Headaches
- Migraines
- Joint Pain Syndromes
- Hip and Leg Pain
- Traumatic Injuries
- Overuse Syndromes

Respiratory Ailments
- Asthma
- Allergies
- Bronchitis
- Pleurisy

- Strabismus
- Visual Somatic Dysf.
- Visual Strains
- Phorias
- Binocularity problems
Systemic Problems
- Neurologic Syndromes
- Insomnia and Fatigue
- Anxiety
- Depression
- Digestive Disorders
- Genitourinary Problems
- Chronic Infectious Disease
- Head Trauma
- Post Concussion Syndrome
- Seizures

Ear, Nose and Throat
- Chronic Ear Infection
- Recurrent Sore Throat
- Frequent Colds
- Sinusitis

- Malocculsions
- Orthodontic related problems
Office Policies:
Patient Information Form
You may print a copy of the form, fill it out and bring it with you to your appointment.

Patient Consent Form
Please signed the Patient Consent form and bring it with you to the first visit.

HIPAA Privacy Notice
As of April 14, 2003, new government regulations are in force regarding certain patient
rights and how they can be exercised. It is recommended that you view our Privacy Notice.
Please bring a signed Patient Consent Form with you to your first appointment. Please note
that because of the above ruling no sensitive information will be discussed or sent

The HIPAA regulations include certain patient rights and how they can be exercised.

They include:
Right to information about covered entity’s privacy practices.  This includes the
hospital’s, facility’s, or provider’s practices
. The notice must be written in plain
language and include: the individual's right with respect to protect health information; the
uses and disclosure of the information; the covered entities duties; how an individual can file
a complaint and contact person at the entity. Specific requirements regarding how, when,
and under what circumstances group health plans and HMOs must provide notice to
patients are included in the regulations.

Right to review and copy health information that is used to make decisions about
the patient
.  There are limited exceptions, such as psychotherapy notes and information
for use in a civil, criminal, or administrative proceeding.

Right to amend information.  Patients may request that a health care provider amend
their health information. This request may be denied if the information is accurate and
complete or was not created by the covered entity. The entity must tell patients about their
option for restricting disclosure of the disputed information.

Right to an accounting of disclosures.  Patients may receive an account of disclosures
that a covered entity has made  for purposes other than treatment, payment and health
care operations for the six years previous to the request. There are some limited exceptions
to the information that must be disclosed. The account must include a statement as to why
the information was disclosed and who received it.

Right to request restriction of uses and disclosures.  Patients may request restriction
on the use and disclosure of their health information. Although not required to agree to the
requests, the entity must document any restriction it agrees to and follow these restrictions.
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