What clients say about Dr. Howard and Osteopathy
My son, Connor, was diagnosed positional plagiocephaly at around 4 months of age.  Basically
this meant that his head was dramatically misshapen and his features i.e. his eyes and ears were
not in alignment.  

We were recommended to Dr Howard and she treated Connor for over a year both prior to and in
conjunction with Connor wearing a DOC band (an orthotic helmet designed to normalize the shape
of his head).  During our sessions Dr Howard treated both the causes and symptoms of Connor's
condition resulting in improved mobility of his neck, relief in the stiffness of his spine, a symmetrical
balance to his facial features and, in my opinion, her therapy also enhanced the work of the
helmet.  Today, looking at my son, you would never even know there had been any problem.

Dr Howard is professional, caring, and dedicated - she really made both myself and my son feel
welcome and comfortable with the treatment Connor was being given.

My son has always been beautiful to me, but the care and attention he received from his 'Doc' is
something that will benefit him for his lifetime.   We cannot thank Dr Howard enough and can
wholeheartedly recommend her services."
Wendy B.

"I feel truly blessed to have Dr. Howard treat me and my neck pain, which began approximately 11
years ago.  The pain came on gradually but intensified in a short period of time.  I went to an array
of physicians, tried traditional chiropractic, network chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture,
neuromuscular massage.  Nothing helped, not even a little.  I finally submitted to a decompression
laminectomy in 1995, which was a complete failure.  At that point, I felt like I had no options at all,
but was desperate to find someone who could help me.  I was literally so depressed that I could
hardly function in daily living and went to see a psychiatrist.  

In May of 1999, an acquaintance introduced me to Dr. Howard.  I didn't know if she could help me,
but she was so kind that I knew I had to give her a chance to perform Craniosacral work on me.  I
began seeing her once a week.  The progress was slow but definite.  I have to include something
that I have said to Dr. Howard many times:  she was a better psychiatrist than the one I was
seeing.  She truly understood what I was going through, both physically and mentally, and would
talk to me while her hands did their work.  

I currently see Dr. Howard twice a month--a maintenance program.  Though I still have some pain,
it no longer stops me from "living."  As I look back I can identify each step the Lord took me through
that led me to Dr. Howard.  I am eternally grateful."
Mary J.

“We first met Dr. Howard during the summer of 2001 when my daughter was 2 ½ years old.  My
daughter is diagnosed with
PDD and is globally developmentally delayed with severe apraxia and
sensory integration disorder.  We had heard the benefits of Craniosacral therapy from other
parents going through similar circumstances with their children and wanted to give this treatment a
try.  We saw Dr. Howard and immediately I was impressed with her wealth of knowledge on the
combination of traditional medicine as well as alternative medicine.  She is very logical and
approaches concerns in a reasonable manner looking at the whole person and not just isolated
symptoms.  For those of you who have been on the journey of dealing with obscure disorders, you
may know how refreshingly RARE this is.

Immediately we noticed a change in Sarah.  She was finally sleeping better at night.  Long-term
effects have been that she is more receptive to her other therapies and has come a long way in
her development.  Here overall health has improved dramatically.  She has not had an ear infection
or has had to take any antibiotics since we’ve started 3 years ago.  Since then we’ve had a son
and started him on treatments when he was 5 months old and have noticed the same healthy
benefits.  They seem to rarely get sick, but when they do, treatment has made the illness much
more short-lived than normal.

Dr. Howard has an excellent “bedside manner”.  Parents with children on the autistic spectrum
always dread taking their children to any office type visit for fear of the “meltdowns” that quite often
occur.  My daughter is no exception to this and I especially feared her being able to lay back on the
exam table which always sent her into a panic attack due to her severe sensory problems.  Dr.
Howard’s calm, patient demeanor and professional manner was able to complete a full treatment by
the second visit.  My children love to go to Dr. Howard and especially like her “neat toys” and my
once very anxious daughter very calmly goes for treatment and even tells Dr. Howard “thank you”
when she is done.

Dr. Howard has filled a huge gap where traditional medicine ends.  We are so grateful for the help
she has been to our family.”
Helen L.

"For years I suffered with migraine headaches and neck pain.  Dr. Howard stopped my
migraines with a combination of pain management and hands on treatment to relax tense muscles.  
Now her treatments are relieving the muscle spasms in my neck. She is a kind and caring person
who listens carefully to what I say.  Her knowledge and encouragement have helped me to help
Elizabeth G.

"I am being treated by Dr. Howard for low back pain, TMJ (pain), and shoulder and neck pain.
I have seen Dr. Howard when I have been in a great deal of pain and just a few treatments by her
have controlled the pain. I would recommend seeing Dr. Howard to everyone who has chronic pain
Betty R.
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